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LILACS-Express is a cooperative initiative that provides to healthcare information users the acess to updated published scientific and technical information, and it is a response to try to solve the large existing time gap between articles publication and their dissemination through LILACS.

LILACS-Express is launched to strengthen LILACS database as the main repository of scientific-technical literature in Health Sciences of the Virtual Health Library (VHL) in Latin America and the Caribbean Region. It is the result of a cooperative work aiming at gathering scientific editors, SciELO network, LILACS network libraries and BIREME, in order to have an efficient and decentralized network, with no space or time restrictions to dissemination and access to information on health.

It's important to know that LILACS-Express is not a database, but a faster form to charge data on LILACS, always providing access to the full text. Any journal indexed on LILACS can participate the LILACS-Express initiative.


  • Disclose immediately the articles in LILACS;
  • Making available the full text in the LILACS Repository;
  • Increase the visibility of the journal;
  • Facilitate the work of libraries (cooperating centers) responsible for the journal indexing.


LILACS-Express was launched on March, 2003, initially with journals from the Brazilian and the Public Health SciELO collections. After that it was extended to the national collections from Chile and Cuba, and then to thematic collections that use the SciELO Methodology (Dentistry and Psychology).

Later, a system called LILACS-Express Editor was developed to include the journals that weren't indexed on SciELO or collections that use the SciELO Methodology.

On 2012, all certified SciELO collections were included on LILACS-Express (see the list bellow).

Next Steps

  • Interoperability with other systems (like OJS and DSpace) have been studied in order to extend the initiative.

The LILACS-Express registry

The documents available at LILACS as LILACS-Express registries are identified on the search result by the following icon: .

So, the users will will have access to bibliographic reference, abstract, keywords and full text of the article, and later, the indexing with descriptors provided by the cooperating center.

Types of LILACS-Express

  • LILACS-Express SciELO (national or thematic certified SciELO collections)
  • SciELO Methodology (thematic collections that use the methodology)
  • LILACS-Express Editor (for journals that doesn't use the SciELO Methodoly).

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